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Cosmetic Dentistry

The Boise Smile Design team is an industry leader in top-quality cosmetic dentistry. We offer a full range of solutions to meet your every need. These include:


Over time, tooth enamel wears away. This process can result in sensitivity, susceptibility to tooth decay, and undesirable cosmetic changes. Even without this wear and tear, you may simply be dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile. Veneers are a form of enamel replacement that can restore the look and function of worn teeth.

At the most basic level, a veneer is a thin layer of material—usually resin or porcelain—bonded to the front of an existing tooth. Unlike crowns, veneers offer the ability to control every detail of their appearance, making them one of the most important tools in cosmetic dentistry.

    Veneers can:
  • Restore fractured teeth;
  • Correct teeth discolored by age, coffee-drinking, smoking, etc.;
  • Improve the appearance of uneven or asymmetrical teeth;
  • Close gaps between teeth;
  • Lengthen short teeth;
  • Fill spaces formed due to gum recession;
  • Strengthen weak or worn teeth;

Porcelain veneers last longer than ones made from resin and are more resistant to discoloration. At Boise Smile Design, you can choose from a variety of high-quality porcelain veneers. While we offer traditional options, we also carry other, premium grades of porcelain for improved durability and appearance. All of our veneers give you absolute control over color, shape, and contours.


Bonding is a common procedure used to make minor cosmetic changes to damaged or misshapen teeth. Using a modern, putty-like resin, a skilled cosmetic dentist can match the color, shape, and sheen of the original tooth surface. This technique relies on a special conditioning liquid to adhere the bonding material to the existing tooth. In most cases, bonding does not require anesthesia and can be completed in a single office visit.

    Bonding can:
  • Repair cavities;
  • Restore chipped, cracked teeth;
  • Correct misshapen teeth;
  • Close minor gaps between teeth;
  • Make teeth look longer;
  • Protect a root exposed due to gum recession;
  • Lengthen short teeth;

At Boise Smile Design bonding is not a product, it's an art. Our skilled team uses only the finest materials available. We are experts in crafting bonded teeth that match the look and function of natural teeth.


Crooked teeth can be unsightly, but more importantly, they can be the cause of chronic oral health issues. These include difficulty maintaining proper hygiene and improper bite, which can affect eating and speaking. Orthodontic straightening resolves these problems and leaves a patient with a well-aligned smile. Correction of dental displacement also allows for optimal facial development in young patients by supporting proper jaw alignment.

Modern orthodontics has come a long way from the metal wire-and-bracket braces of previousgenerations. Patients can now choose from an array of available treatments:

  • Traditional braces with clear or tooth-colored brackets and wires;
  • Invisible braces, such as Invisalign;
  • Serial extraction to reduce crowding and simplify treatment;
  • Removable appliances, like retainers;
  • Whitening & Reshaping

At Boise Smile Design, we understand that a small adjustment can make a big difference. We offer our patients a modern suite of tooth whitening and reshaping services.

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